Renaissance Disco held its anniversary party dubbed Renaissance Glow over the Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. It took place at the LMNCTY in the Design District of Miami.
“For the past nine years, we have been doing our anniversary party in Miami. 'Glow' was the theme of our latest staging, which was held in the heart of Miami's newest hots pot that has shifted parties and night life from the usual beach locations,” said Renaissance's co-founder Delano “Dilly T” Thomas.
For weeks leading up to the event, several entertainers took to social media giving endorsements to the party. This no doubt attributed to the large turnout of patrons.
“The Glow staging was special to our team for the unusually diverse, while not surprising endorsement the party received from artistes across various genres of music,” said Thomas.
“Despite competing events that appeal to the typical Renaissance patrons — even one event within five minutes of walking distance — we had an excellent turnout. Patrons partied until the lights came on at nearly 5 am,” he continued.
Given the task to take the party to accelerating heights were Stone Love's Billy Slaughter, Toronto's DJ Scratch, Power 96 FM's DJ Fergie, DJ Karim Hype, Ikel Marvelous, Coppershot's DJ Ash and the Dream Team.
Jamaica will not be left out of the mix, as the annual Renaissance Christmas party will make a return to local shores on December 22.

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